Battle tested Vendure plugins

Vendure plugins built by Pinelab, used for solving real problems for our clients.

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Vendure plugin for PDF invoice generation

Vendure plugin for uploading assets to Google storage

Vendure plugin for selling subscriptions via Stripe

Vendure plugin for using worker jobs with Google Cloud Tasks

An implementation of Vendure's SessionCacheStrategy that caches session in the database

Vendure plugin for creating subscriptions with the Accept Blue platform

Vendure plugin measuring and visualizing e-commerce metrics

Vendure plugin for exporting orders to a file

Call webhooks based on configured events from Vendure

Vendure plugin syncing to orders and stock with Picqer

Vendure plugin for converting Active orders to Draft

Vendure plugin for integration with Shipmate

This plugin allows customer groups to have 'Group admins', that are allowed to fetch placed orders for everyone in the group.

Vendure plugin for syncing orders with SendCloud

Sort products and collections by popularity based on previously placed orders

Vendure plugin for configurable shipping calculators and eligibility checkers.

Adds a primary collection to all Products by extending Vendure's graphql api

Scripts that can be used with Vendure projects

Vendure plugin for various admin ui helpers. Cancel button, complete order button etc.

An extensible plugin for sending placed orders to the Klaviyo marketing platform.

Vendure plugin for monitoring stock levels through a widget or by email

Vendure plugin to bulk update all variants of a product

A vendure plugin that allows you to define suggested facets for all products, or suggested facets based on other facets.

Plugin to allow authentication for administrators with socials like Google

Vendure plugin to limit the amount of a specific product that can be ordered, or only allow purchases in bulk

Vendure plugin for MyParcel fulfillment

Vendure plugin for integration with the Goedgepickt order picking platform

Vendure plugin for Coinbase payments

This plugin facilitates the retrieval of anonymized customer orders

Vendure plugin to enable free customer selected gifts

Vendure plugin for integration with the e-boekhouden accounting platform

Vendure plugin for retrieving Dutch addresses by postal code via

Vendure plugin that provides picklists per order that won't be saved in the database

Determines if a customer group is publicly visible

Vendure plugin for allowing customers to 'pay' for an order without actually paying