# Install this plugin
    yarn add @pinelab/vendure-plugin-payment-extensions

Vendure Payment Extensions

This Vendure plugin allows an Order to be settled without upfront payment.

  • isCustomerInGroupPaymentChecker: Verifies if the customer attached to an order belongs to a specified group to allow configured payment method.
  • settleWithoutPaymentHandler: This handler simply transitions the Payment to settled state.

Getting started

  1. Add the plugin to your vendure-config.ts
import { PaymentExtensionsPlugin } from '@pinelab/vendure-plugin-payment-extensions';

plugins: [
... // your other plugins
  1. Start Vendure, log in, and navigate to Settings > Payment Methods

  2. Choose isCustomerInGroupPaymentChecker as the Payment eligibility checker, and then select the CustomerGroup whose members are expected to be eligible for this PaymentMethod.

  3. Choose settleWithoutPaymentHandler as Payment handler

  4. Click Save

Test the plugin

  1. Place a test order. The PaymentMethod you created in the Getting Started section should be listed under eligiblePaymentMethods for Customers who belong to the designated CustomerGroup. For other customers, it should not be available.