# Install this plugin
    yarn add @pinelab/vendure-plugin-limit-variant-per-order

Vendure Plugin for limiting the amount of specific product variants per order

This plugin allows you to:

  1. Limit the amount of a specific product variant per order. I.E. A customer is only allowed to buy 1 of product "Limited art t-shirt X" per order.
  2. Only allow a product to be purchased in multiples of X. E.g. only per 4.

Getting started

  1. Add the following config to your vendure-config.ts:
plugins: [LimitVariantPerOrderPlugin];
  1. Start Vendure, login and go to the product you want to limit.
  2. Set the custom field Maximum amount per order and Multiple of per order on a variant and update the product
  3. Customers can now only buy X amount of the variant per order. The same customer can still order the product again in a new order.