Vendure Shipping plugin

Tune your shipping methods by using weight and countries to define shipping costs with this Vendure plugin

Made by a Vendure Silver Partner!
This plugin is free for personal and commercial use. Just follow the instructions below.
  • Define shipping costs for a given weight range
  • Define shipping methods for configured countries
  • Define shipping methods for all orders, except configured countries (exclude)

Example shipping


yarn install vendure-plugin-shipping-by-weight-and-country
  1. Add the following to the plugins in vendure-config.ts:
plugins: [
       * Weight unit used in the eligibility checker
       * and product customfield.
       * Only used for displaying purposes
      weightUnit: "kg",
       * The name of the tab the customfield should be added to
       * This can be an existing tab
      customFieldsTab: "Physical properties"
  1. Start your server
  2. Login to the admin UI and go to Shipping methods
  3. Create a new shippingmethod
  4. Under Shipping eligibility checker you should see Check by weight and country

This checker can be used to have a shippingmethod eligible for an order based on the total weight and shipping country of an order.