Vendure Google Cloud Tasks plugin

Make your Vendure instance scale on Google Cloud using the Google Cloud Tasks plugin for asynchronous Vendure jobs

Made by a Vendure Silver Partner!
This plugin is free for personal and commercial use. Just follow the instructions below.
  • Make your Vendure project serverless ready by using Google Cloud Tasks
  • Improve performance of your webshop by leveraging Vendure's job queue


yarn install vendure-plugin-google-cloud-tasks

Plugin setup

  1. Remove DefaultJobQueuePlugin from your vendure-config. Add this plugin to your vendure-config.ts:
plugins: [
    // Must reachable by Google Cloud Task. Messages are pushed to this endpoint
    taskHandlerHost: 'https://your-public-host/',
    projectId: 'your-google-project-id',
    // Region where the taskqueue should be created
    location: 'europe-west1',
    // Used to prevent unauithorized requests to your public endpoint
    authSecret: 'some-secret-to-authenticate-incoming-messages',
     *  Used to distinguish taskQueues within the same
     *  Google Project (if you have OTAP environments in the same project for example)
     *  This suffix will be appended to the queue name: "send-email-plugin-test"
    queueSuffix: 'plugin-test',
    // Default amount of retries when no job.retries is given
    defaultRetries: 15,
  1. Start the Vendure server, log in to the admin dashboard and trigger a reindex job via Products > (cog icon) > reindex to test the Cloud Tasks Plugin.