How does it work?

Paid plugins require a license key for commercial use. You receive a license key in your email after purchasing one on this website.

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How do I install a license?

  1. Click the "Purchase" button of the plugin you'd like to purchase.
  2. You will receive a license key in your email
  3. Install the package with `npm` or `yarn` like you'd normally do.
  4. Activate the paid plugin by passing the license key to the plugin:
    // .env file
      licenseKey: process.env.LICENSE,
  5. Your plugin is now activated!
  6. License checks are always offline, we don't do any network calls from your server to validate a license
  7. Don't share your license key, its meant for you personally and is bound to your email address
If you have already been using a plugin before it became a paid plugin, you might be applicable for a free license! Contact us at

Why should I buy a license?

  • For a paid plugin, a license key will remove warning logs and the warning displayed in the Vendure dashboard.
  • You will get personal support when purchasing a license. This means we help you when you experience any issues with a plugin and get priority with any issues or feature requests on GitHub.
  • A license can be used for unlimited websites that are build by you or your company

When do I need to purchase a license?

  • Free plugins are free for personal AND commercial use and don't require any license key.
  • Plugins that have a Purchase button are Paid Plugins and require a license key for commercial use.
  • All plugins are free for personal use. Paid plugins will show a warning in the Vendure dashboard and server logs without a valid license:
Warning logs for not activated plugins

Can I try a plugin before I purchase a license?

Yes, you can always install a plugin and try out all its features. Paid plugins will log a warning in the server logs and show a warning message in the Vendure dashboard without a license.

Contact us at if you need any help.